1. Soopa Coconut Dog Treats

    Coconut Soopa Treats. Suitable for dogs with kidney/liver disease, diabetes, obesity, pancreatitis and allergies. Learn More
  2. Boxby Beef Sausages

    Natural Beef Sausages Single protein Learn More
  3. Boxby Calcium Bone Value Pack

    This is a bone with dried chicken breast wrapped around it. Calcium has been added to this product, as the name suggests. Calcium builds stronger bones and teeth, which is particularly important for puppy Learn More
  4. Boxby Chew Sticks with Chicken

    Boxby Chew Sticks are dog snacks that are made of a firm rawhide stick wrapped in dried chicken for an extra bite! This makes the snack extra tasty! Your dog will love these Chew Sticks Learn More
  5. Boxby Chicken & Spinach Sticks

    Spinach...makes muscles stronger! Therefore, we have developed the Boxby Chicken & Spinach Sticks, which are made of spinach and chicken. This nutritious dog treat is a source of vitamins and is low in fat. Learn More
  6. Boxby Chicken Slices

    Boxby Slices are easy-to-digest and soft snacks, which only contain chicken. Thanks to the shape and composition, these snacks are the perfect snack for smaller dogs Learn More
  7. Boxby Chicken Snack

    Boxby Chicken Snacks, pieces of dried chicken breast, are the perfect and healthy snack for your dog! It is an easy to digest product and ensures an optimal coat condition. In addition, the high-grade proteins give your dog an energy boost. This product is suitable as a snack and as a supplement to your dog's regular diet. Learn More
  8. Boxby Chicken Wings

    The perfect snack for your dog! It is easy to digest and, thanks to the high-grade proteins, it is a real energy boost Learn More
  9. Boxby Cold Pressed Duck Treat

    Formerly known as the Grain Free Duck Treat. Learn More
  10. Boxby Cold Pressed Lamb Treat

    Formerly known as the Grain Free Lamb Treat. Learn More